February 8th, 2014




Together with our colleagues and authorities, we are organizing new event called Boat & Yacht Thailand 2014 Conference. Here is the brief:

Boat & Yacht Thailand 2014 Conference (BYThai2014) is the professional event dedicated to yachts and small commercial boats and intended for maritime safety experts, researchers, boat builders and operators, tourist companies and authorities. The objectives of BYThai2014 are:

·        Bring awareness of safety issues related to small craft design, operation and regulatory work

·        Provide discussion platform for marine and tourism industry on safety issues;

·        Enhance reputation of marine industry and tourism in Thailand

The BYThai2014 speakers would be leading marine industry experts. Non-commercial presentations and discussions are invited on following topics:

·        Regulatory issues of boating in Thailand

·        Boat design and construction technologies

·        Marine equipment for safety

·        Safe operation of boats

·        Marine education and training

Languages: Thai and English

Time and dates: Apr 3, 2014, details to be announced

Site: Pattaya/ Ocean Marina, details to be announced


The website of the event would be: www.BoatYachtThailand.com
This time in a rush, but following recent accidents with boats in Thailand safety should be improved before new season starts!
We are looking to make this event two-day and annual in the future.