October 24th, 2014


Safety Respond

Last week accident with speed boat happened again, this time in Phuket... Number of injuriues and 2 lives lost...

It was a typical Thai speedboat built of plywood,  with longitudinal benches, seats at front of driver, and usually these boats have no fuel gauges and bilge pumps. The fatalitiies and injuries would probably not happen is the boat was designed to good practice, formulated by us in number of publications and implemented in number of our designs. As a respond to such accidents, we now started work on monohull speedboat design with safe features. The new generation of speedboat design nicknamed 'Nok' features no seats at bow, good visibility for the driver, the passengers are seated looking forward that eliminates their shifting following collision, watertight bulkheads and other small but important details. The construction of boat will start soon, it will be mass production craft for Asian market.