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AS14 - Significant Small Ship of 2014

This time one of our designs - AS14 ambulance/rescue catamaran is selected as significant small ship of 2014 by Royal Institution of Naval Architects.


Arrangement of new AS14 includes forward ramp for landing and recovery from the beach, walk-through pilothouse with 4 shock mitigations seats, steering station and kitchenette counter. Paramedical treatment compartment with all equipment and two stretchers is aft from pilot house. Wide aft deck is provided with docking station for mooring and rescue operations. In the hulls, there are 4 bunks, folding seats, toilet, storage and tanks compartments, engine rooms. Stretchers (including floating type) can be loaded both from fwd and aft doors. Side doors and crane are used for rescue from the water or from high location such as ship or embankment.

The structure of the craft is in 5083 aluminum alloy.

Main particulars: maximum length – 15. 34m; length of hull - 14.00m; beam – 4.89m, fully loaded displacement – 19000kg; engines 2xSeatec850Plus; Jets – Castoldi 400HC, fuel – 2x1750L; water – 200L, maximum speed – 45kts fully loaded; crew and personnel – 4, stretchers – 2, additional space for rescued – 8.

Designer: Albatross Marine Design (THAILAND)

Builder: Aurora Shipyard (RUSSIA)

Tags: ambulance boat, as14, power catamaran

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