albatrossdesign (albatrossdesign) wrote,

Forcing to Correct the Errors... Forcing to Work in Civilized Way...

Today I sent the letter to IACS, claiming Russian Register of Shipping does not comply with IACS requirements to the Rules of member societies. We have been talking to RS about these issues in HSC Rules since 2012. But nothing happens for years, no corrections or comments are made, but they still require to comply with this section of the Rules. This is how crappy 'Rules' look like, just one sample:

Sample of errors and omissions in one formula: 1 – unclear condition ≥ or ≤?; 2, 3 – unknown mathematical operations; 4 – value a not defined, is it Greek letter a, vertical acceleration a or anything else? 5 –  value of r not defined; 6 – value of Greek ρ not defined; should it be p?

Also, formulas in English and Russian versions of the RS HSC Rules do not match.
Lets see what happens...
Tags: идиотизм

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